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Hey Paul,

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  • Okay, so homework relevant to this particular class so far:

    In the process of tracing and cutting out some muscles, I'll post up pictures as I get there.

  • More pics of foam cutting tonight, sorry i have not been able to get to it

  • Cutting with a sharp blade is really important. Tough to get the muscles to layer
  • Well today I found out that you NEED to discharge static electricity when working with foam before you touch electronics. Just bricked my fancy mouse by touching it after showing someone a piece of foam I was working with. Yesterday I dragged a sheet of foam by my computer and the whole thing restarted. My mouse, was not as lucky and did not come back online. It is dead, dead, dead. I am currently navigating with the touch pad on my keyboard, but I'm terrified of shorting that out too. The keyboard was very expensive. I'm going to be figuring out how to ground myself and keep my equipment safe from static electricity before I do any more foam work.
  • The mouse came back online after a few hours, apparently it just takes time to dissipate the charge

  • Well it turns out we've been using the wrong kind of persona blades. They also make exacto style blades and carpet cutting blades, neither of which are the correct kind. Fortunately amazon had one day shipping on some of the proper kind, so before we sculpt out the inside of these muscles. I'm gonna be working on some of the arms this morning and practicing covering them. I know I'm a bit behind but I'm going to be working hard to catch up.  Before class today I'm going to try to find a muscle I've finished to cover. Or even one that's mostly finished just to practice with.
  • So since the last update, I have almost completely re done the back muscles. I've also put the mannequin together - it 's not perfect, I made a LOT of mistakes that were tough to fix (some I didn't bother). But I'm trying to strike a balance between my demanding schedule, the mannequin and the suit itself. 

    I've covered some of the chest muscles, but I don't have pictures yet. So here are the new back muscles, which I am much more pleased with (resting on the mannequin until I get them covered)

    I realize the zipper is going to be impossible to get to. I am probably gonna have to split the muscles in half , or else have them snap on or something.

  • Progress continues. I know I'm still behind, but I'm going to keep adding to it tomorrow and post up some progress pictures.  Having to re-do the entire back was a major setback and I want to get those muscles covered tomorrow morning and start attaching things to the suit.

    Here we've got some of the covered chest muscles and some pictures of the suit free-standing (more or less) with the monster's arms attached. These arms WILL be replaced, but they do just fine for now. This is one reason why the forearms of the creature are not a focus at the moment. I would like to add leg muscles and a tail but I'm not there yet.

    You can see from ^ that angle that the sides of the back muscles need a bit more shape. I'm gonna go with it for now, I can always detach them, add shape and re-cover / re attach them, I just want to see how it looks covered. Shoulders won't stay on by themselves long enough to snap a photo but they look pretty cool.

  • Jo Anns canceled my fur order so i had to re order but i will have it in soon. This is as far as i am going to get before ted looks at it but wow has this been a blast! This is such a great start for this suit. New arms and a whole new head are in the works as well! But it will be some time before those are ready
  • Got the fur in, I know this homework is done but I'm still going to post progress pictures here as I go. 
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