how long will the barge cement hold up in the small jars and in the squeeze bottle before it starts to get hard? weeks, months.?


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    They make a solvent/thinner you can add to the Barge so it can last a long time and if it seems thickened just add a little solvent to decrease viscosity. I've had some for well over 2 years in well sealed containers.
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    Keeping your squeeze bottle capped/sealed will also help prolong the life of the Barge.
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    It will hold up well in both containers. However I use it so fast and in such quantities at work it doesn't have to dry. But yes, adding a little thinner here and there works well. ALSO!... a very handy tip when using glass jars... put a little vaseline around the lip of the jar. It will keep it from locking up on you when not in use.
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