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The title says it all! Go ahead and ask Ted!


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    Hi Ted, what are the possible alternatives to using foam latex to skin Anubis? Latex is a trigger of anaphylaxis at my school so I can't use it and I would really like my students to try moving my Anubis when he is finished. Any suggestions are gratefully recieved! Thanks Ted
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    This is something that we will be covering on day three. But I'll make sure to address it this coming saturday. If latex is not an option, I would consider skinning the project with only spandex. It will move easier and will cut out the latex situation I'll go in to more depth about it in few days. 
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    Hi Ted- 2 questions.
    1. Is the rib cage piece usually fixed or floating on the body form?
    2. The pieces that are sewn all the way around- are they covered on the back with spandex or do you just make a top surface cover that is stitched directly to the unitard?

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    Hi Ted- a 3rd question- could you please bring pictures of the puppet sized muscle suits you have built this Saturday? I am curious as to how you scaled things down as I am having trouble working out which muscles to leave out and which to include on my Anubis figure. 
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    1: Looking back at most all of the ribs I've done, they seem to be floating. It's not always the case. It's a project to project decision as to what works best.
    2: If you're sewing all the way around, there is no need to cover the back side. It's just extra work and materials. Sew these pieces directly to the unitard.
    3: I'll try and get some pics of the animatronic muscle forms together for this coming Saturday. 
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