hey guys i need help painting eva foam bulldog wont work for what i am doing

hey guys so this Halloween coming up. i was planing on having a silent hill inspired party . I wanted to cover the floor in EVA foam mats and paint them a rust color so they look like sheets of rusted metal.But plasti dip and bull dog would crack. i would think under the pressure of people standing on them. So i was wondering if there is a alternative of those two that would be able to withstand people standing on them ? Maybe Dupli.color vinyl and fabric coating? 

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  • Having people walk on it makes it a bit complicated!  You could possibly do something like a truck bed liner spray with pigment added.

    If you with with something more rigid (like plywood) you could paint and seal that to be pretty durable.  But because foam flexes it will be more prone to make the paint crack, delaminate, and flake off.

    SmoothOn also makes some foam sealing materials that are used a lot in theme parks, but it may be a bit more expensive than you are looking for.

  • Hey guys thanks for your help! i will probably go with the hard board.
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