Help needed Air Compressor for Bodypainting

Can anyone Help i am looking for a good Air Compressor for Body Painting and other art.
I got a BADGER AIRBRUSH COMPRESSOR (Code:BA1000). But it kept overheating after just 25min of painting on paper.
I want to use it for a day long body painting event so that wouldn't work . Any words of wisdom.
I watched the video about

How to Body Paint - The Art of Painting Skin

what compressor do they use ?
and i watched the video on the guide to airbrushing,

The Garage Monster's Guide to Airbrushes - MINI-TUTORIAL

That is the size of my compressor that i had that kept overheating on me


  • Hi Mark,

    The key to long airbrush sessions is to have a compressor with a tank onbaord, so it's not working the entire time.  My compressor of choice is the Iwata Power Jet Pro, but everyone has their own brand/preference.  I like it because it has 2 quick connect points so you can run multiple brushes, a 2ltr tank so there's a good reserver and the pump does not have to run constantly, and it does not pulsate like some cheaper compressors.  It's also relatively portable for its size/power.

    That said, you can even go as simple as a large oilless workshop compressor with a moisture trap and regulator.  As long as you get an even regulated flow of clean/dry air at the right pressure for your paints and subject you are good.

  • thanks chris

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