Tree Of Death - Updated and done.

Jay HanJay Han ✭✭
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Want share a work. Made it with nsp medium it is 55 cm high 
Special thanx for the internet lessons to Don Lanning, Jordu Schell and Simon Lee.

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  • Very cool! Are you going to mould it?
  • i would but dont know how to mold something like this :D 
    Will make some changes more branches and many little skulls as the fruit of the death hanging on this branches. 

  • You could cut some of the branches & mold them separately - easy enough if the sculpure doesn't have an armature, a bit more complicated if it does.
  • Very beautiful.

    As @Eleftheria Pinakoulaki suggested you would want to cut off all the branches (and possibly the arms) and mold them separately.

    I hope you can mold it, because I'd love to see what this looks like painted!

  • thank you for the comments and ideas. Yep i can cut the branches and the arms , than i have a solid body for molding :) and i must learn molding fast hehe
  • I also sculpt in Chavant (Le Beau Touché) and use silicone for my moulds which captures detail really well. Keep us posted on your progress. :)
  • Jay HanJay Han ✭✭
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    i am just now back from work and i think about molding or making it again with super sculpey and paint this nsp medium one. Is there a way to seal this nsp medium and make it hard on surface?  this peace have very solid armature inside and  thin sculpted on aluminium covered steel armature 
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  • I'm not sure if there is something you can use to seal Chavant. Jordu Schell paints on it directly & if I am not mistaken has mentioned in his painting class that it stays malleable.
  • Here's an article on Chavant's website about painting clay.

    I typically mold and cast anything I want to paint, as painted clay will still be very fragile and I would likely damage it eventually.

  • Thanx ppl. Clay painting pdf is awesome very usefull. Best solution is molding, i will learn it in the future with smaller and simple works. 
  • I love it!!!...Ive always been interested with the fact of a living moving tree... awesome work...keep sculpting!!!!
  • Love it! Id buy it as a model kit  ;)
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    It's wonderful! Your sculpture has grace as well as having a haunting quality to it. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you create next.
  • Jay HanJay Han ✭✭
    :) thank you very much , i am working on other sculptures now, but i will finish this so badly :D
  • That's ok Jay, it's a great piece of work. Do you always use chavant? I've only just started to use it and really love it a medium. Keep us updated with the casting of this work ok  :)
  • Jay HanJay Han ✭✭
    hi rachel. I was not online for a while, No i use super sculpey and bake it and paint it. This was my first try with chavant, its beatiful to work.
  • Hi Jay, I used to use polymer clay and found it really limiting until a discovered chavant last year. I totally agree with about it being beautiful to work with. I'm so happy with it. Keep up the good work  :)
  • This looks so cool ! really well done !
  • Jay HanJay Han ✭✭
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    Thank you very much jamie, its not done, but i start with the tree today and will finish it this week. I hope i get the final form soon.
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  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Have you done a mold from it? I need a resin copy xD
  • Hi and thank you :D no i was not able to make a mold ^^ 
  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Ooohh nooooooooo!  :s D
  • :D:D:D 
  • very cool, love the tree!
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