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Does anyone know if and where Foam latex flat pieces may have been used in film/ tv? I want to try this for my own project and was looking for reference from an artist or particular make-up.

Thank you,
Beth (:


  • Hi Beth,

    What do you mean by flat pieces?  Just pieces that were sculpted and molded on a flat surface rather than a life cast?

  • yes, flat moulds (:
    I'm wondering this because usually foam is used to reduce weight of the appliance. However some people simply prefer foam for any appliance, big or small.

    Thank you 
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    Most foam pieces I see these days are still molded from a life cast, so they are not flat like you might see in a pros-aide transfer.  Smaller pieces like brows, cuts, etc. are rather flat though.

    Foam latex is still used quite a bit these days.  When it comes to foam latex appliances my personal favorites are from RBFX.  No one runs foam as good.  Their stuff is sold through Motion Picture FX, and is used in a lot of films, tv shows, commercials, etc.

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  • ok, thank you. 

    I'll check it out!

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