Pepakura Underskull

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Hello Stan Winston School of Character Arts! I think I've found another way to make the under-skulls for your animatronic creatures. I'm sure that by now, everybody who's ever done special effects (as a hobby, or otherwise) has heard of Pepakura, the software that enables you to print paper-craft models. I've seen people use it to make Sci-fi armor out of EVA foam or fiberglass, but I've just figured out how to use it to create animatronic under-skulls. You can print-out a Pepakura animal mask like this one and fiberglass it, or just fill the internal cavity of the model with plaster of Paris to make a Vaccuform mold.
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  • Hi Joseph,

    Coating a pepakura paper model with fiberglass resin (and even a bit of fiberglass cloth or fibers) would make a great undeskull.  I know a lot of folks are making armor that way, sometimes molding it, other times just painting it as is.

    Great idea.

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    @Chris Ellerby It's definitely easier than sculpting up a core-mold and more affordable than vacuforming an under-skull from a taxidermy manikin! I kind of got the idea while I was making my own X-wing pilot helmet. Along with the shape of the vacuformed underskull that you made for your Skeksis costume! Note, it took me forever to find the blueprints that I have linked!
  • Many thanks for a great tip :)
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