achieving spatter with paasche h airbrush


I just purchased a paasche H airbrush and I've been searching the Internet to find info on how the airbrush should be set up to produce the bigger spatter as seen in "beauty & age makeup - from script to screen - by Bill Corso". Which tip size, nozel is best in conjunction with which needle? Should the tip on the needle be wide open or more closed? I've only managed to achieve fine spatter as of yet and would like to try my hand at the bigger spatter. 




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    Here is a starting point for splatter on the Paasche H.

    It will work with any needle size, but you will want it to be fully open.  You also want to decrease the air pressure significantly.

    The type of spatter you get will be based on the needle size, how open the nozzle is, and what pressure you are running. 

    I suggest starting with a darker paint and testing on paper first.  Start fully open with low pressure then experiment with closing the nozzle slightly or changing the pressure to get different droplet sizes and densities.

    You can also try bouncing the paint off an object held in front of the airbrush, such as a pencil or popsicle stick.

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