THROWBACK THURSDAY: Why We're All a Bit Nostalgic for the Days Before CGI

Vice has a great article by Charles Graham-Dixon that harkens back to the days before CGI, when practical in-camera effects ruled the land.

What are some of your favorite pre-CGI movies?

2001: A Space Odyssey is one of mine. It's hard to believe that movie was made without computers.  Even the display monitors seen on the ships were rear projected and used traditional animation for their motion graphics.



  • John Carpenter's The Thing stands out for me. This might be saying a lot but it doesn't get much more rough and raw (not to mention out right terrifying) than what was created for that movie. I had nightmares for years after watching that one!

  • The Thing is hands down some of my all time favorite practical effects.  Videodrome comes in a close second.

  • Metropolis is a film that really stands out to me. So freaking old (1927), but so determined. 
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