Clearer & More Easily Accessible On-Demand Schedule

I really love the Stan Winston webcourses.  The material is top-notch, for sure.  One wish I have is to see a clearer outline of when on-demand courses will be released.  I see that there is some scheduling by clicking on the courses themselves, but most show TBD and it's annoying to have to go through each course to see when one might be available.  Additionally, however, I don't see that the dates which are posted are updated very frequently.  It would be great if a "sticky" type of post were created in the discussion area to outline what can be expected.  I'm not talking about a schedule for the entire year either, but just a schedule of what is coming within the next few weeks and perhaps be updated every two weeks, as another webcourse is added.  I'm sure many paying subscribers would be interested in some sort of easily accessible on-demand schedule which is updated as a new course is posted, rather than the current method being implemented.  Please consider this request.  Thank you.  


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