Animatronic Eye-stalk Tentacle

Just wanted to share a project I started about 15 years ago inspired by the "eye bush" in the movie Labyrinth. I guess I was making tentacles before I new they were called tentacles! Click on the link for more pics. David


  • Great design David!  Not only were you making tentacles, you were making 2 stage tentacles.  Very cool.

  • That looks nice! You could make a replica of the Doorman at Jabba's Palace!
  • David DeMattiaDavid DeMattia ✭✭✭
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    I found my box of radios and hooked one up to the eyestalk. Please Enjoy!

    I tried to upload the video directly here, but it would not do it.
    Click here to see the video on my website.

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  • Very cool!

  • Hi,
    I was putzing around the net for other ideas for "tinyness" and ran across your 2016 post. I have the same idea but now see piano wire does work although I won't be using servos. That's my secret. LOL. I have space constraints and have to think of a way out of the "tried and trusted" ways on moving anamatronic eyes. Back to my CAD for further developments.
    Coincidentally I am a member of Stan Winston School too LOL.
  • Awesome mountaindog!  I hope you can share your work with us here!

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