How to apply extra latex to an existing mask?

Hi, I'm new here to this forum but certainly not new to the world of latex and mask design!
I'm looking for a tip though, and even contacted someone who owns the organization, but just 
in case I was hoping someone here on the forum might have experience with repair work!
I just purchased a mask that I'm essentially happy with, but I'd like to make the eye holes a bit 
smaller, and I mean *subtle* changes! If there's anyone here who could give me a tip, I would be 
most grateful!

Thanks for a great message board!


  • Hi Tim,

    The challenge will be bonding additional latex to the mask, as any paint/sealer/etc on the surface of the mask can inhibit bonding.

    You could try a simple latex and tissue paper build up in the areas you want to reshape, and see if that bonds well for you.

    I've never tried modifying an existing latex piece though.

    Since you are adding, your main risk is that your additions will not bond well and fall off, which thankfully means the mask is fine and you can try again.  If that happens, I would try an adhesive like Barge contact cement to get your additions back on the mask.  Apply a little to the edge of your pieces, and the joining edges on the mask, let the Barge dry, then press the pieces together.

    I do know we have some latex mask makers here on the forums.  Maybe one of them will have more experience in this area.

    Best of luck!

  • Not sure what to do if the mask is sealed but one trick I read about was to wipe the mask down with lemon juice then dry it off.  This is supposed to open the pours of the latex and allow new latex to bond.  Personally I just use ammonia to clean the mask and it seems to work pretty well for me when I attach my straps.  Hopefully this helps
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