Washing Machine Hose: a Simple Solution for Hollow-Cored Tentacles

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Hello Guys! In Richard Landon's Lesson on Tentacle Mechanisms, he shows us a fourth kind of tentacle mechanism, that he doesn't even show us how to machine. You could just 3d print such a mechanism, but then, there wouldn't be much creativity put into it, and to complicate things even worse, those machines cost no less than $400. So the question became, how do you machine a hollow-core tentacle without tools that cost an arm and a leg?

I just may have found you guys a solution. It's basically the same as the simple four-way, but in a slight twist; instead of speedometer cable, its core is made from 1/2" braided stainless steel hose like what's used in your washing machine. It's flexible, hollow, and like speedometer cable, it resists twisting.
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