Help! AlCote Problems

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Hey there everyone!

I'm creating my first full face prosthetic on an ultra-cal 30 life cast today. I applied 3 total coats of Alcote to it using a 1" chip brush while waiting for each layer to dry. I noticed, however, that between layers, some parts would start dripping and others seemed to coagulate into little beads. I would just brush those down, and continue waiting.

I just applied some clay when I realized the Alcote was peeling off in some places (i.e. the cheek bone, the brow, etc). Is there any tips I could get on using Alcote? I looked on the forums and online but can't find anything. I know I have to strip off the clay and start fresh in order to ensure a proper float off.



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    Hi Jules,

    I have always had the same issue with Alcote peeling after it's dry. I've gone ahead and put my clay on top of it, finished my sculpture and floated the pieces off without trouble. That's just my experience with it, I'm sure other members will chime in with their thoughts.


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