Foam latex advice (spongey and moist) :/

Ok so. I make dragons and I've been dying to find a method where I can make them with one material. So I made my molds one out of fiber glass and one from plaster both are two part molds. I filled them With foam latex from monster makers and closed them. And baked them at 160 degrees for 4hrs.  both turned out good at the bottom and spongey and moist on the top layer. :/ any advice would be awesome. Maybe I'm not using enough foam ? it seems to evaporate on one side. I live in Florida and use a small smoker with a heating unit.


  • What type of foam oven are you using?  It's possible that the air is not circulating evenly, letting one part of a mold cook more than another.

  • Im using a char broil vertical smoker with a hot plate
  • Sounds like what is happening is the hot plate at the bottom of your smoker is properly cooking the bottom of your mold, but the top is not getting enough heat.

    I would add a small fan to circulate the air inside the smoker, and make sure you have a thermometer near the top to measure the air temperature.

  • Thank you for the advice :) I will try that. I'm also going to carve some canals into the mold so air can get out :) 
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