Bondo Resin Ratio

Hello Stan Winston School! I just bought David Monzingo's lesson on making rod-puppets. One material he used is bondo resin, which he stated in the lesson was bondo body-filler that is just thinned down with polyester resin. Any rate, he didn't really state any ratio in his tutorial. Do you any of you guys know the body-filler to resin ratio I need to use?

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    Hi Joseph,

    I've reached out to the team to see if we can hunt down the answer to this one for you!

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    edited January 2016
    Thank you Chris! Also, you think you can ask them where you get polyester mud? I mean, do you add some kind of agent to polyester resin to thicken it into mud?
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    Thanks Chris and David!
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    Monzingo's lesson showed me some tips that could prove more than valuable to me, such Fiberglass molding, which I could use in making skins for my animatronic creations, as well as Jaw mechanisms.
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