Scales/reptile skin source

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Is there anywhere where I can buy fabric or paper with a 3D reptilian scale texture to it? I can only find inverted sheets used to imprint on to clay and so on but it would be great if I could cut out any mould making since I only need a small amount


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    Hmm.. I am thinking of an old technique called "Charcoal Rubbings"
    You could take an inverted sheet and the rub with a semi firm to hard pointer over the details.
    If the paper is slightly moistened on the side contacting the negative it would distort more easily.
    Just an idea.. I remember in my youth doing rubbings on some of the old brass plinths and floor plaques in medieval churches.
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    You could make your own texture stamps by finding an example of the texture you like and brushing on layers of liquid latex or silicone to create a negative that can then be pressed into clay.

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