Werewolf Transformation

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Hey there Stan Winston School! As some of you probably know by now, I like pulling off practical effects. If you guys like old monster movies, then you guys are going to be completely animated by what I'm going to ask you guys next:

I'm very curious as to how I would pull off a werewolf-transformation if I wanted to do that kind of movie. In my case it doesn't even need to include body parts mushrooming into animalistic proportions. (like in "American Werewolf in London") What I'm asking here, is how would I create the effect of hair just sprouting like grass from a person's skin on camera.
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    It also depends on which legend of Werewuffery you are following

    There is the physical transformation of man in to wolf.. or the transformation of the would growing inside of the man and shedding the skin.

    But being able to control the timing of the 'reaction' during a shoot can work wonders.

    One humorous take I saw was stripping and actor.. wetting him.. covering him with lawn seeds.. and doing a very slow take over several weeks :)

    One of the best transformation was the original "The Howling"  Both for the effects of pushing a lupine snout out of a human face.

    And the second is seeing a very young Robert Picardo (alias the holographic doctor from Start Trek Voyager) in one of his first shoots

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    Chris, your advice is very helpful, but how would you set the hairs in the prosthetic?
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    @David Boccabella I believe the correct term is lycanthropy, but hey! We're all only human!

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    @Joseph Humpston  Really depends on how cute the Werewolf is and whether he enjoys belly rubs.. Then he is a Werewuff

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    I really, really want the new filmmakers to make new of the werewolf transformation sequence films with a whole lot of inflatable air bladders special makeup effects and some animatronics effects and no cgi added but all inflated bladders FX!!!
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    I want filmmakers to make weird special makeup effects werewolf transformation films like this special FX!!
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    This is my top favorite werewolf transformation ever!!! I wish that hundreds or thousands of others will make weird werewolf transformation movies like this.

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    In some legends the wolf comes out from the person's mouth :)

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    Dave, if you ever wanted to make a werewolf movie, what special make effects would you prefer?
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    Hi Eddie.
    I have wanted to make a werewolf movie - however I prefer to see my werewolves combining the best of both worlds.. rather than the worst (yes there are some good werewolves tales.. consider Sir Marrok   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisclavret)

    I'd see the transformation as not a disjointed popping and painful stretching of skin and flesh. But more a gradual easing from one form to another.  - not painful.

    As for the lycan form - full wolf head, deeper chest but humanoid, not having the peak that a wolf or dog has. Bipedal but with a digitgrade stance, and a tail.
    Fingers shorter to enable running on all 4, as well as having the dexterity for gripping and manipulating. Human can shift at will to lycan and back though once lycan they will choose to leave human society and live as lycan.

    Capable of limited human speech but that is more due to jaw and larynx construction that intellect. Highly intelligent but with a different focus as they have the eyesight of humans but the hearing and sense of smell of a wolf.  Society is very scent based and individuals are very open with each other. Lies, deceit can be smelt as well as other emotions and health.
    When in human form the individual is often acknowledged in society as being fair and honorable.

    Diet is that of omnivorous but with considerable amount of meat. Hunts for killing are done when necessary and it is against their beliefs to make the prey suffer. And they always acknowledge that a creature has died so they can live.

    Hunts for fun usually involve one of the pack member's being the 'prey' and it is a challenge and honor for them not to get caught by the others.  Likewise when the 'prey' is caught there will be playful interactions.

    'Infection' is seen as a gift and the recipient is always asked and needs approval from the pack.  Transmission is via transfer of fluids (Saliva, blood etc)  but needs additional chemical to take hold.. Without the chemicals it's just a nasty fever. The chemicals are from herbs and given to the recipient at the initiation ceremony.

    Society is of course secretive preferring to keep a low profile for various reasons.

    Anyway - just my thought on the subject :)
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    I love werewolf transformations when they just all practical effects such as inflatable air bladders, animatronics, and make-up effects!
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