Methyl Cellulose Slime - Where do I get it?

Hello there Stan Winston School! Hey I got a question. I'm fascinated with Steve Johnson's "Plastic Bag Tech" lesson. Among the listed supplies was something called Methyl Cellulose Slime which is something I've never even heard of before. How do I acquire this stuff? Is there a store I can buy to from? Do I make it with certain Chemicals, if so, what are the materials I need?

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  • thanks chris! How to make the methyl-cellulose into "slime"?
  • Thanks Chris! And it's non-toxic, whether you use "food-Grade" or not. Correct?
  • It's still non-toxic.  Food grade just means it was produced, packaged, and stored under conditions that meet certain FDA criteria.  It's the difference between metho cel that would be used to thicken foods, and metho cel that is used to thicken cosmetics or other products that are not ingested.

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