Final project for a CAD-technician - Suggestions?

Hello everybody!

I'm currently a student in Sweden studying a "3D-Tech" programme. It is my final semester and I am about to select my final project. I am rather free to choose whatever I like, but it has to relate to "3D-Tech", or rather; CAD (Using Solidworks and/OR Mastercam).

I mainly study this programme since I wanted to learn more about 3D-printing and to have a backup plan in case I never make it in the SFX world. But I figured that I can at least try to make my final project about something I am interested in.

So my question is; what should I do?
I am looking for something that would "look good on a resumé" within the SFX community. Or rather; I'd like to do something that is more relevant to what I wish to do; that I could add to my portfolio. Most of my peers are doing industry work: analysing new types of garage-doors or coat hangers. And I'd rather die than do another FEM-analysis of a pallet-truck ever again :)

So far I've been pitching some idea to my tutor. Some examples include: mechanical wings (human size), animatronics (using 3D-printed parts), fully 3D-printed suit of armor, and 3D-printed molds for resin-casting.

Skill wise I am kind of a generalist. Been cosplaying for a while and also the odd commission job. Can do a bit of everything; sculpting, sfx-makeup, casting (resin, latex, silicone, plaster and so forth), welding, 3D-printing, wood-work etc. I can incorporate virutally anything into the project as long as the main focus is about "3D-tech"; modelling, analysis, calculations, mechanics etc.

I am all open for suggestions! Thank you all in advance!


  • Hi Erik,

    Something with moving parts, like the wings your tutor suggested, is always a good challenge.  There are any number of animatronic rigs you could do in CAD that could be a challenge.  It mainly depends on how complex you want/need to get for your assignment.  You could go as simple as an animatronic eye mech, or a full character.  

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