Wed clay

ok, WED clay isn't available in the UK does it have a different name over here?


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    Hi Ben, Use pottery clay. The stuff you put on a pottery wheel and make cups and bowls. It has the consistency of WED clay, but it will dry out just a bit faster. It is not really an issue if you use a spray bottle with waster to spray it down and the wrap it in plastic, like a bin liner, to keep between sessions. Just like WED clay, it is intended for using quickly. If you only have a short amount of time to work each day, it might be better to use the oil based, sulphur free clay. I have been able to work on a sculpture for up to 5 days with the pottery clay. It is all about keeping it moist and sealed between working sessions. I hope that answer helps. Matthew
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    Hi Matthew, Firstly Happy new year! Thanks for the reply, I was undecided on whether or not to try water clay or the pottery stuff, so thank you for making my choice. I will go get some tomorrow. Thanks again buddy.
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    Hi Ben, I hope it works out. The key is to keep the clay moist, not water running off the sculpture wet, but hit the sculpture with a spray bottle set to mist of water now and then as you work. Keeping the air away from the clay will keep it moist and workable. What are you planning on making with it by the way?
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    Just curious, we used to have two 'wet' clay choices: EM 210 and EM 217, regular wet clay and wet clay with more glycerin developed by Disney for their 'WED' division ('Walter Elias Disney' - WED). Is this the same 'WED' clay?


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    The WED clay you find today is most commonly the EM 217 variant.

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