Old School Eye Mechansims

Hi Guys! I'm Joe! I've seen a lot of people make animatronic eyes by means of 3d printing. I can't really afford one of those at the moment, and I know that back in the days in which Jim Henson did a lot of his animatronic characters, we didn't even have 3d printers. Any ideas on how to machine an eye mechanism without 3d printing?


  • HI Joseph,

    The process and design is basically the same, but rather than 3D modeling and printing the components you just machine/cut them out of aluminum, plastic, or wood.

    Also, you might want to look around your area for a local maker space, as they typically have 3D printers you can use and folks that are happy to show you how they work.

  • @ Chris Ellerby Well, I can afford to order a few 3D Printed parts.The eye-lids can be printed. I mean, I know the diameter of the eyes I'll be using. The rest of the mechanism however, I'll machine myself.
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    If you want Cad files for the eye-lids, click here
  • Those eyelids look great.  I might just have to print a pair out to play with.

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    @Chris Ellerby Thank you! By all means! Make your own mechanism with them! They're designed to fit these acrylic eyes
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