Scab Candy

Hey all!  A friend at Legacy Effects recommended reaching out to the forums.  Some beautiful stuff going on here.

We are a low budget LA-based production searching for a production designer with practical SFX experience to join our team.  The story is about a boy who builds a castle out of his boogers, scabs, fingernails, etc.  A miniature drama ensues between a wandering booger and the heiress to the castle's crumbling throne.  The setting permits outrageous creative license.  The aesthetic takes cues from Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, and Zdzisław Beksiński.

We’re hoping to shoot later this month, so we’d like to meet with someone as soon as possible.  This
 position is unpaid, but it’s a great opportunity to bolster your portfolio and potentially collaborate on a slate of upcoming projects.  If you have any questions or think the project sounds up your alley, then please PM or respond to the thread and we can discuss more.

Thanks so much!



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    Sorry I wasn't available for this project. Maybe a future project.

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