Using a smoker for a foam latex oven

My 10 yr old son would like to start making stop motion puppets and prosthetics using foam latex (of course with parental supervision :) ). I have ordered a kit from Monster Makers, but am stuck on what to use for the oven. I know you can make them, but I read online that someone used an inexpensive smoker with just a hot plate inside to bake foam latex. Has anyone used this? I am hesitant to spend a lot of time/money making one until I know he likes doing it.

Thank you!
Megan Kundert


  • HI Megan,

    That should work.  As long as it sustains the right temperature and the temperature is nice and even all the way around the part you are baking you should be just fine.

    Though you might not want to sue the same smoker for food after using it for foam latex.  And vice versa if you don't want your foam to smell like delicious smoked meats.

  • Thank you :)
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