dragon wings membrane

I find a realistic material for reproduction membrane wings (traslucent material).


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    Hi Stefano,

    Depending on how you want the wings to move, and what you want them to look like there are a number of materials you can use.

    One option is to use "dental dam" which is semi translucent and comes in a few different colors.

    You can also use materials like spandex, and even coat that with liquid latex, but that would not be translucent.

    Another option would be to use a clear silicone and cast thin sheets to make your membrane.

    It all depends on what you want the wings to look like (color, texture, how translucent, etc), and how you want them to move.

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    Hi Chris. 
    My model is a static model...and I want a realistic effect of membrane...as real membrane...I think is better hard material because is a static model...the wing should not movie....I try the platino silicon with a color...is Very Very realistic but the problem is that the silicon is too soft and the effect is like a sail....need a product same a silicon effect...but hard
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    The wings are...more or less...60 cm..one is a little closed and other is open...
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    this is a effect that I want
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    Another option would be to sculpt the wings, mold them, and then cast them in a translucent resin that you could then paint.

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