legacy contacts

Is there anyone my parents can contact for a tour of legacy effects thank you! :)


  • Hi Carson,

    My suggestion would be to have your parents send them an email, letting them know you are a young artist that is interested in the industry, and that you would like to see their shop.

    Their email is [email protected] and you could also have your parents call them at (818) 782-0870

    Best of luck!

  • OMG CHRIS YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH......btw....what place do u work at legacy or...
  • You're very welcome, I hope you are able to get a tour.  I know they are often pretty busy, but a bit of patience and persistence could pay off.

    My day job is currently in tech (Director of Technology at a digital media agency) but I run a very small effects shop (Vex FX) on the side.  And of corse I also work here at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts helping to run these awesome forums.

  • that's awesome!!!!!!!!! ill be sure to support you!....I have a few a companys wanting my product because me and brothers have a company....thx!
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