Action Figure Review: Play Arts Kai Variant Japanese/Bone Predator

Sharing a Predator Review: http://geekarcadia.blogspot.com/2015/11/figure-review-play-arts-kai-variant.html

A wounded samurai, you walk down a dark and dank cave passageway, alone and desperately searching for a seemingly elusive exit. The stench of death and blood fills the air, penetrating your nostrils. As you pass through the nightmarish landscape, you step over the skeletons of the unfortunate souls who never found their way out. Suddenly, you hear a noise from behind you, and feel more than smell a foul breath on the back of your neck, instantly sending shivers down your spine. You stop dead in your tracks, reach for your katana with a weakened hand, and turn. Then you see it. It is huge. It is hideous. It is hungry. The demon -an otherworldly predator - wants your blood, and it is ready to feast on your flesh until you're nothing but a pile of bones laid on the ground...



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    Nice!  The photo gallery on the site you linked to has some great shots of the figure.   I really love the paint job seen in shot 5.

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    Thank you Chris. :) Yes, Play Arts really pays attention to their figures' sculpting and paint apps.
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