Large syringe for injection moulds

Hi! Does anyone know where I can get a clear syringe bigger than 100ml? I figure it would be easier than using multiple smaller syringes when injecting silicone etc.



  • Hi Bethany,

    For larger than 100ml you may be entering the foam injection gun world.  They also work for silicone, just never use one for foam latex then try and use it for platinum silicone later, as any trace latex will inhibit the silicone curing.

    Most places where you purchase foam latex materials will have foam syringes/guns

    Here is one from a popular beauty/effects makeup shop in LA:

    Here is one cheap option from Harbor Freight that some folks use:

    Here are a couple from Krylon:

    And here is a tutorial on how to build your own:

    Most folks I know just make their own (typically out of clear plastic these days) as it's far cheaper, easier to repair, and easier to replace.

    If you search for "Irrigation Syringe" you can find those in the 200ml range easily.

    And if you are feeling adventurous you can search for "Enema Syringe" which can come in larger sizes.

    Happy hunting!

  • One quick solution is to use a caulking gun. Pop by your hardware store and buy something cheap and water solvable  in a caulking tube.  Clean our the tube and then pop the 'presser' end out.   Fill with your silicone and put it in the gun and your ready to go.

    Your can reuse it easily by pushing the presser end back with a piece of stiff wire through the nozzle. Once your done (and your silicone set) cleaning will be just peeling off the excess silicone skin etc.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thank you guys for your help!
     I'll crack on and see what I find.

    Thanks Again!
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