Experenced artist needed: Clay work, molding, and silicone

If you have a portfolio and live in or around the Orlando Florida area, I am looking for someone to put together my design who has more experence making it professional looking in the end result.
I am open to discuss budget, 2,000 is where I am at... If this can be done, I plan on continuing to commission for more work.
I am looking for discrete, confidential, professional, and to keep the molds of my project once done.
If you have skills with clay, molding, and good with silicone (no air bubbles etc) I am looking to put an upfront fee and set a budget we both agree too if the timeline is also not requiring months to complete.
Link to your work samples here with your contact information and I will email you.
If you are not local this may be a problem as I am looking to schedule visits to help develop this having had experence in making these and needing your assistance to execute it properly.


  • I am in ocala, I sculpt, mold use silicone to cast molds and prosthetics. I am interested and if you are in facebook, you can view my sculpts, and FX makeup work.I am experienced in casting silicone. But truthfully I am still learning to perfect skin tones using flocking.I have done some FX work on two indie films, Loverboy and Only another day, Not a good showcase for my work due to NO budget money and the latter had us making up 30 plus zombies each day. If you want me on the project I can do it or also help on a team. My facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/tammy.kane.9?ref=tn_tnmn  The allbuns- stuff I made and FX are public.d
  • Hello

    I am located in Edgewater, FL and if you are still looking for somebody to do work for you. Here is my link to my page and the work I have done. Feel free to contact my if you are still looking for some one.https://www.facebook.com/DiabolicalLaboratoryFx

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