Dark crystal Skeksis, Skeksil.

Hey folks!

I've been around on SWS since beta, and held back on posting on the forums till now. I thought I'd share what I like to call my "greatest learning experience".

This is my upscaled for stage reproduction of the Skeksis chamberlain, Skeksil, with which I won at the finals of the Eurocosplay championships.


Everything from sculpting to stitchwork was done by me, taking quite a while in some areas because of learning curves (dyeing silk is hard!). The head has a simple blink as it was my first attempt at both animatronics and silicone. You can see it on stage at the european competition I won here:


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    Amazing work! This turned out fantastic!

    How long did this take to make?

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    It's hard to estimate how long the build took as I was in full time employment at the time too. A lot of it was done at weekends and evenings, and even the occasional lunch break or train journey if there was sewing or beadwork I could just throw in a bag. Start to finish, including all the design work, it was about 8 months.
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    You did a fantastic job. I really enjoy the design look of The Dark Crystal.
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    Jared LeeJared Lee ✭✭✭
    edited March 2014

    Thank you so much for having the video with the post.

    I never knew how much an eye blink could add to a character!

    I will have to give that a shot on my next character!


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    This is fantastic, it looks like it is from the movie. Your patience and hard work paid off. What is next? 
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    Wonderful! Well done.
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    looks amazing! love this movie

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    'VERY nicely done!!!

    Now as it sits in the corner, the "Addiction" will start to set in... What is the addiction, you ask? It is the unending NEED to tweek, and improve EVERY tiny "flaw" that you personally perceive in this finished piece. While these "flaws" may be things not another single living soul may notice, even on ridiculously close inspection. They will constantly haunt you, day and night. 'Doesn't matter if nobody else sees these flaws..., you do. And, you won't stop until every last one has been "corrected". Unfortunately, for every one you fix, many others will come into focus, right before your eyes. (and, the downward spiral will continue into madness... Welcome to the world of being a good artist. ;-) "We're all a little mad here..."  )

    I look forward to seeing your next creations. They can only get even better, from here on!
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    Truly superb.
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