Molding and casting Chavant Clay Sculptures

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Hello folks, I've been meaning to ask a certain question about sculpting and getting molds and casts made for maquettes.

Mainly, how do you do that with Chavant NSP Medium clay sculptures? I've been meaning to get casts of my sculptures made but the tutorial I took on sculpting through the school didn't speak of any follow-ups or techniques for doing so.

The tutorial I watched and learned from is Sculpture Techniques - How To Sculpt Dynamic Characters

Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Hi Nathanael,

    Chavant NSP is a great clay, and molding it is pretty easy.   One common technique is to spray a couple thin coats of Krylon Crystal Clear spray paint on your sculpt to help make cleaning out the mold easier.  Because Chavant is such a firm clay and does not react to the mold making process like WED or water based clays will, sealing the clay is optional.  

    What type of mold you make will depend on the nature of the sculpt, and what you plan on casting in the mold.

    For making resin copies of a sculpt it's pretty common to use a silicone mold backed with fiberglass.

    This lesson covers a lot of different aspects of mold making, and should help:


    And if you have any other questions I'm happy to answer them here!

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    Thank you for the help Chris! I'll definitely check that lesson out!!! The Stan Winston School has been so great for me, I really appreciate providing me with the tools to learn more and pursue these kinds of things! 
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