How to breathe life into my first Human face sculpt for silicone ?

Hi everyone! 

I'm working on my first full face appliance, and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

It's a full face character makeup of a middle aged male applied on a 25 year old male actor. 

So far I'm happy with changes made to the main facial structure, [but if anyone spots anatomical mistakes or has any suggestions please please let me know! (:] I have only started testing out a few wrinkles and textures! 

I have a couple of questions about sculpting around the eyes:

Regarding the upper eyelid, I am wondering how far I can extend the brow bone and upper lid sculpt without inhibiting my actor's eyelid movement? Or where it's best to have the appliance end for the most  blend-able edge? (So far i have not extended the clay past my lifecast's natural upper lid crease!)

And about the lower eyelid, my actor has slightly protruding, large eyes and large lower eyelids, which makes me worry that the lower eyelids may be misrepresented in my lifecast, since the actor's eyes are shut and so the lower lids are compressed and the full scale of them is 'hidden'. Will this affect where my appliance should end?  Could I try and compensate for the hidden amount of eyelid when making my mould? (I will cut the full face appliance into several smaller appliances and was thinking about building up the lower lids on my positive moulds).  My main concern is that when the actor's eyes are open, that there would be an unnatural gap between the end of the appliance and my actor's lower lash line. (I've tried to take a picture where the eye area is more visible, I've removed any little 'bubbles' or shapes from eyelashes in the lifecast, so what's visible in white is the subject's eyelid)

I'm also very interested in what the character looks like to you! How he makes you feel, what kind of a man you think he may be, whether he reminds you of anyone! However vague or specific I'm excited to know! (:

All kinds of feedback, advice or suggestions are very much appreciated!! 

Thanks a lot in advance!!

Sonja (: 


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