Rick Baker Monster Maker Auction Now Live

Hi all,

I thought people would be interested in the Rick Baker Monster Maker online auction that's taking place right not until November 13th.

There's over 400 lots spanning over 30 years of Baker's career ranging from zombie appliances from Thriller to Gremlins alien masks and make-ups from Men in Black and everything in between.  It's sad that Baker has decided to retire from the business but you can see in this interview with him from the first part of the auction earlier this year that he's happy about the idea that his old creations can find their way into the homes of his fans rather than being thrown out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og-ZdRFJ7c4

You can see the full listing of auction items here: http://propstore.auctionserver.net/view-auctions/catalog/id/29/


  • Hi Greg,

    I picked up a couple items in the previous Rick Baker auction.  The "Gizmo" animatronic joystick from Gremlins 2 and the hero "Jeff" flower puppet from MIB2.  (Only things that were in my price range!)

    I hope to get one or two things from this round as well.  

    Some really amazing stuff there!

  • Hey Chris,

    That's great! I'm a big fan of some of the early gorilla and ape work that is in the auction.  Like this Greystoke mechanical ape underskull, it's just incredible how much ingenuity and creativity went in to achieving these realistic effects.  Baker truly was ground breaking, such an interesting coincidence of artistry and engineering.  Very cool!

    Lots close on Friday the 13th too, what a perfect date for the Monster Maker sale to end!
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  • I love how you can see the internals and what goes into making some of these amazing characters.

    When the first auction catalog was released I immediately went through it and saved all the high resolution images of all the animatronic mechs and controllers.  You can learn a lot just from a few photos!

    I even learned a few things when I got my animatronic "Jeff" flower puppet from MIB2.  The controls for the 2 motions (open/close petals, and open/close beak) are padded aluminum handles with sliding thumb switches to operate the articulation.  The design is super clean and very reliable.   I also picked up a few good tips from how it was packaged.  It is in the metal case originally used to store the puppet and transport it to set.  They have 2 hidden threaded attachment points in the puppet (one under the flower, and one on the back side) that allow it to be suspended in the center of the case.

    Here are a couple shots:


    I also took apart the Gizmo animatronic joystick from Gremlins 2 to get a look at what was custom and what was off the shelf.

    They added a custom circuit board to the 3 axis (PTZ aka pan/tilt/zoom) joystick that allow each axis to be enabled/disabled independently.

    Lot to learn just by looking under the hood!

  • Hi everyone! Lots are closing in the Rick Baker Monster Maker online auction this Friday the 13th. A fitting date for a Rick Baker auction to end.

    A lot of the lots are still under $100 so it looks like there will be some bargains. Check out the full auction listing here! http://propstore.auctionserver.net/view-auctions/catalog/id/29/?page=1&key=mask&cat=&xclosed=yes

  • There are at least 2 lots I'll be bidding on!

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