Bioshock Big Daddy

HI, folks!

This is actually my very first post in the school, and I would like to start by showing off the Bioshock Big Daddy costume I made here in Brasilia, Brasil, in the span of 14 days, from beginning to end.  I am not sure whether I will be able to post it here, but the drill rotates and the lights on the dome are changeable from yellow to red and vice versa.  In it, I am about 2,25 meters tall, it´s about seven foot six, roughly, and I would like to offer it to you as an entrant in this contest.

Without further ado, the pictures - 

I thought that this art better encapsulated what I searched for in the character, the grime, the dirtiness, but above all the Steampunk Aesthetic it has, anyway, with the addition of the head crest, reminiscent of the Nautilus. So, after studying the character a lot, I came up with this - 


Again, the drill rotates (when the battery cooperates, even quite fast), the lights are interchangeable, and in order to keep all proportions, the shoes are lifted by about 12 cm ( 5 inches) and the other arm, the one that doesn´t carry the drill, is also an extension, and the hand is moveable via cables inside.  It is mainly made out of EVA foam, then isolated and painted. I haven´t isolated it with wood glue, instead, I opted for motor engines glue . It is a glue that holds the gasket joints together, so I bought a lot of it and painted the whole suit. The drill is very lightweight, for it is a  sheet of plastic rolled and the treads are just EVA. 

I will  try to enclose a video here, but I am not sure it will work out. I hope you guys like it!

Thank you all , and  I am  extremely glad to be here!    



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