Batman Affleck? in Batman vs Superman

OOH! this is a real controversial subject in the fan boys camps, I was a little worried when it was announced, after Christian Bale's Batman. But after reviewing his Argo, and a few of his action roles including this years the Runner, I'm actually really looking forward to it. Seeing as they've said this is an older more matured Batman, I think he's going to nail it especially as (reportedly,) he hit the gym as soon as he heard he'd got the role. Dedication and commitment to a role, that's Affleck. Go on Ben prove me right.


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    So We now know that Wonder Woman will feature in the "Batman vs Superman" movie, I just hope its not going to get bogged down with origin stories as there are mutterings of Green Lantern appearing too. In caseanybody hadn't realised I'm a total Bat Fan, so I cant wait to see gadgets the new Batsuit  and THE CAR!! Well comment if you like, Or am I just writing things for myself? I'll keep this thread going with any updates I hear about and post any pics, (minus spoilers.)
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    I have no problem with Ben as Batman. He seems like a safe pick to me. People know him, and he has a good look. Only movie I have seen him in is Dare Devil. So I have a pretty clean slate when it comes to Ben Affleck.

    What I really want to see is the new Batman costume design. In the end when he puts that costume on all we will see is Batman. So the costume better not stink.

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    I have to wonder why Christian Bale didnt want to continue being Batman? But I am looking forward to seeing Ben Afleck in the role. Each batman brings something of their own to the character.
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    Jared LeeJared Lee ✭✭✭
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    Sandra, Christian Bale has gone on record saying he will never be in another comic based movie again.  In the Dark Knight Rises Batman is on his last legs, and can not fight crime anymore. On top of that he faked his death. So there is no way for him to come back.

    Bale's Batman was part of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. It is a story, and universe that stands on it's own. Nolan wanted his movie universe to not include anything supernatural, or other world. So it would not fit in the world DC is leading into with Man of Steel. A movie universe that will include, ghosts, aliens, and magic.

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    That makes sense then. I am not a comic book reader, but I do love the DC and Marvel Comic based movies. THis one should be good.

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