Any Ideas on "customizing" my disability wheelchair access "Bat-trike"

I've been toying with my wheelchair Trike wanting to "bat-mobile" it, I've  thought of adding bat fins, making a bat type dashboard, and even thought about making it very angular like the tumbler in the Nolan batman trilogy. Do any of you guys have any ideas or thoughts? I don't use any software photo editing or z-brush so cant get any idea of how it'll look, other than pencil drawings. The back drops down becoming a ramp,  so prevents a lot of detailing on the back, Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    edited December 2013

    My first thought is that if you went more toward the Giger style you could add to it as opposed to redoing the entire body. You could "rib" it out. Painting the main body an iridescent blue and the ribs a mat black. 

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    WOW! Thom that looks fantastic!!  The colour idea sounds brilliant, Thank you for your reply buddy, I was starting to feel very lonely on the forum here, lol!

      Hope you have a great Christmas buddy! 

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    How ambitious are you feeling?  Are you thinking of completely replacing that body?  That could be done.  I don't know about the regulations on your side of the pond, but I know you could make it out of fiberglass here.

    I think your first hurdle to cover is the styling.  Batman has been done several times in various styles.  What do you want?  A modern, sleek look?  Militaristic?  A throwback to the old Adam West days?

    As for design tools, go old school and take a tip from industrial designers...  Tracing paper!  It's magical stuff.  The picture you have is good, but get some solid orthographic ones, too.  Then layout your designs on the tracing paper.

    Have fun with it!
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    Hey Ben, Glad you liked the design. Sorry it took a while to get back on here. It would seem that the forums do not like me to post when viewing them on mobile devices. I agree with Dave, have fun with it. :)
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