Charred exposed brain look!

My most hardcore Halloween look yet! Built up a latex bald cap over the course of the day and then built up latex and tissue skull fragments on the head. This was followed by creating and gluing in some brain matter shaped out of Ben Nye modelling wax and set with glycerol for shine and coloured with the FX Skin Illustrator palette. I then spent a very long time attempted to shape and adhere the prosthetic to the side of my head. Fastened at the back with subtle hair pins and spirit gum for all safer areas including under the hairline at the front. I then used latex and cotton to build up a burnt skin texture across most of the face and head, coloured with some of the Ben Nye bruise wheel and added some charcoal powder and a simple one day use mason contact as that's all I had at the time. I would have preferred one of the blind looking contacts if I had the time or money.
Added a progress shot of the cap for an extra look!

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