Ultracal 30? U.K. equivalant?

Hi guys, Ive been unable to find "ultracal 30" here in the U.K. and have been "told" this and that is a substitute by retailers. I'd rather get the opinion of you guys as to what is the best substitute. thanks in advance


  • look in a hobby train store it is used for the landscapes. You could sub plaster of paris but be careful it is much softer and much easier to crack
  • I use Herculite 2. I've made both really nice moulds and casts from it. You can get it from specialplaster.co.uk, or tomps.
  • Thanks Neil, Nice to meet a fellow U.K student, lol! I will definitely give it a go.
  • I was on a gig where we ran out and had to use the "poor man's" version...  We mixed plaster of paris with some portland cement, which is really most of what Ultracal is, anyway.  If you check the MSDS for Ultracal, it gets you a pretty good idea of what you need to make it.  It isn't perfect, but in a pinch should get you through.
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