Memorabilia & Comic con at the N.E.C Birmingham U.K

Went to Memorabilia & Comic con at the N.E.C on the 23rd November, Enormous queues but some excellent costumes on a lot of cos players. I'm a bit of a Batman nut so was thrilled to meet a great trio of people playing Harley Quinn, Riddler and Scarecrow! also met the terrifying, Laurence R. Harvey of the Human Centipede part 2 fame (that's me being manhandled).  No I'm not  "a little person" lol, I'm confined to a wheelchair so could only cosplay  either my dalek or don a bald cap and do a professor X, lol.  Its a bit frustrating at times as I have an ace master chief costume as well as a batman begins, Dark knight, Jack sparrow.  Did anybody else attend?
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