Buzz Lightyear

The torso is a cut and shaped white garbage can.  Much of the remaining plastic is cut from plastic bins. The shoulders are a cut yoga mat. Boots are modified sky boots with glued-on attachments including "Nerf" gun disks for ankles. Milk carton biceps. White buckskin gloves (with working laser). Functioning Buzz Lightyear sound effects panel front and center. The light on the front is an LED Jack-o-lantern with a replacement tail light cover. Helmet is a popcorn bowl with attachments, including Scotch ice cube maker (the other halves of which are over my ears inside the lycra hood to create a more astronaut-shaped skull). Swirl on chin is white board marker. Wing-ends are model rocket shells with lighted inserts. Completed and worn for office event for employees' children 10/23/15. The kids loved it! 


  • Oh and the midsection is a cut foam "kitchen comfort" mat with white grommet belt and green fanny pack to de_emphasize white martial arts groin cover over padded football tights. 
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