Armored Kantus

This was my first build using foam as a primary material for fabrication.  All the cool kids are cranking out armor and props by the dozen using this method so I figured it was about time to hop on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss was about.

All components of this costume were fabricated from L200, EVA, and craftfoam with the exception of the teeth and the cast bolt hardware.  The teeth and inner mouth were digitally sculpted, printed, and then processed/painted.  If time permitted they would have been molded and cast in dental acrylic to give that slight translucency that teeth need to look natural.  

The cordage was all hand stitched and proved to be a gigantic pain in the butt.  The stitching alone (had I known how much work it would be) would have been enough to dissuade me from tackling this project.  

There are roughly 300 spines in 5 various sizes that run from the headpiece down along the shoulders and back.  A template pattern was laser cut, and each plate had to be individually sanded and heat formed before fixturing.  

The full build can be found sprinkled throughout my facebook page (JarmanProps) and in a build write-up on my site (once I find the time to sit down and work on documentation)

Reference art:

Work in progress: 

"Finished" Product:


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