Don Lanning sculpture tutorials

Hello, I just wanted to comment on Don Lanning's tutorials on sculpting. It did not look like it belonged in the sculpting section of this forum since that is for showing work. If you have not seen these, please do so. Don is not only an incredible artist but he has that additional, very rare gift, of being able to teach, and teach well. While I have been a sculptor for many decades, I have enjoyed every minute of watching Don's techniques as he goes through the various ways to achieve a desired effect. - love the secret of the X. One of the things that I like about Don's sculpting tutorials is the way that Don makes the viewer feel as if they are there, in the room with him. Don's tone is conversational, relaxed and easy going. The lessons that he teaches with the added real world experiences that one can expect from clients is priceless. I wish I had Don as an instructor back in the mid 1980's. My sculpting instructor at the university was only interested in abstract art. I wanted to make characters. He told me that I would never be an artist and that I would only end up making nick knack items for people to set on their shelves. Don't instruction is empowering. He urges the viewer to explore their creative side. To take real world observations and how to integrate them into the sculpture. I am not quite finished with all of the tutorials, but I am really enjoying Don's.   To Don, (if you happen to read this). Don, Thank you for doing these tutorials. I hope that you will be doing some new webinars in the future as I would love to have a chance to partake in them in the future. And I must say that that chisel clay shaper you use is great. But the other shapes out there for the clay shaper tips really should be tried. There are two others that I use a lot in my work. The tapered chisel and the the cup round. I have been doing a lot of small sculptures,1/30 scale, working in magic sculpt and ProCreate epoxy clays. These have been a god send. Thank you again. I look forward to watching your additional tutorials as they come out. Respectfully, Matthew Grove
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