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    So first off i decided to do the sculpting digitally, because it was easier for me given my schedule./the amount of time I spend in front of a computer.

    My figure is a re-envisioning of a character from a 1986 toy line called the Inhumanoids. The plot line was a team of guys in big suits fight giant monsters from under the crust of the earth. And the toys were very large (size wise) for the time.

    I decided to go for a new version of the "head" bad guy named Metlar. He's a lava monster, and I think has a lot of potential, but the original design is kinda plain to me. So I kicked him up a few notches by re designing the face to be more menacing and I gave him a more ape like stance. I added in some rock armor on the back and on his arms. And I added three small volcanoes to his back. I like the idea of the lava being painted on using an orange paint that would glow under blacklight. 

    I started the sculpt off symmetrically to keep the articulation consistent, and then went back to detail each side independently. I tried to focus on playbility, think of this more as  a regular retail toy then a collectible figure. I used some combo injected molded disk joint for most of the major connection. I'm fairly happy with the design, but I'd like to refine the textures to be more like what i wanted if I have time to continue working on him. I'd like a better rock look and maybe add a leathery feel to the skin.

  • So awesome Troy!
  • Looks awesome, Troy! Nice zbrush! 
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    Here is the more finalized version of the sculpt for My monster. This version has more texture (you can see it in the largest images) and proper color/deco. I'm much happier with the texture now.

    I've separated out the parts to show how the sculpt would be constricted. I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out.

  • Looking cool Troy!!
  • I want to see it printed! :smiley: 
    Looks great!
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