How To Make An Eye Mechanism - finished printing

So i followed along with the lesson, made some changes to the design, I had 2 regular sized servos i wanted to include. The printing was done on an UP mini (best investment i've ever made) 

oh and please excuse the worktable mess ;)


  • Looks rad! How did it end up working? Did you run into any problems with it?
  • no it was pretty easy the swish plate is a little hard to get both eyes perfectly aligned. I think I may move up to 2 servos for each eye so that i can make some more refined adjustments to it.
  • Great work!
    In the film industry we generally have a servo per move so that it can be easily adjusted In The radio. I did the design this way since I know servos are the expensive part of the project and many people can't afford to spend so much on them... Great work modifying the design!!
  • Thank you!
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