123D beta 9?

hello i just bought the eye mech stream web tutorial. in it they say that they are using the program 123d beta 9 to create the 3d date to create the eyes, my problem is that i can't find this online i found 123d design (which they say isn't as good) i find it very hard to follow instructions if I'm using something different to what I'm being shown on so does any one have a link that actually works to a free downloable version of 123d beta 9  for a mac? 
     any help is great fully recived as i really want to get creating as soon as possible.
        many thanks for your time

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    Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2013
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    That only seems to be free if your a student and have an educational license which I don't, I'm not having a go at any one but selling classes using outdated systems is a bit of an oversite. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, I have 123d design but you cant even open stl files in that. Just gets me down that people cant make a system that works across the board .....
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    Hi Jonathan, I found that they gave me a 3 year license with the stanwinstonschool.com url, as for the software being discontinued, we apologize that Autodesk cancelled the beta period for the software. 

    I do however completely understand your problems with 123d design...my first reaction was, where is the pencil!?!?!

    I like freeCAD http://www.freecadweb.org/ and you can follow along with the tutorial very easily as the commands and tools in the part design menu are almost the same.

    Hope this helps
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    thanks for the information chris i will give it a shot with the stan winston url.
    i realise this isnt the stan Winston schools fault, i have always maintained this is an incredible resource and i always will i think im just on a downer as i keep getting shut down on projects buy nonconpatable software or the fact its very hard to find some products in the uk, sorry to be a grumpy gus. and thanks for your help

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    also i just signed up and it seemed to work ok but inventor seems to be for windows and im a mac man see i cant catch a break......
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    thank you anna i will have a look.

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