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    Hi everyone, well, here is a little bit of my project, mine is going to be a minotaur, is still in a very rough stage and needs some more bulking up :P and of course, details, however, i´m gonna wait for that since they told us to not work too hard on details for now right? Quick question; I couldn´t find those acrylic balls Sandy was talking about, so, for now i went with epoxic clay balls i did myself, do you think they would work as well? Or does it need to be a totally perfect acrylic ball? A plus that i notice on the epoxic clay balls is that y was able to just put in the armature for the arms instead of drilling or something, but well, i´ll keep looking for the acrylic or other substitutes, i think the epoxic ones turned out right tho.

    Have a great week, so, what projects are you working on? CHEERS!

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    Yukako ShimadaYukako Shimada Moderator
    edited November 2015
    Hi Antonio!

    I hope you enjoyed the live webcourse yesterday.
    I'm glad to see how your project is coming along!
    Keep working  :)
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