Dedolights for stop motion

Hi there,
does anyone have experience with dedo lights in stop motion? These lights are famous for their quality and look like a good choice, but I hear they also cause flickering. I am referring to the DLHM4, the classic spotlights that use halogen bulbs. They are dimmable via separate dimmers, or via one unit that allows for three lights and three light intensity steps. Since they are quite expensive I'd like to hear some advice from the community. Thanks a lot.


  • for lighting the scene or making working light fixtures to scale?
  • @Kevin - for lighting the scene.
  • @Ivan Dobran if your using a dlsr; like a cannon Rebal t-series, you can reduce your iso speed and leave the iris open longer, this will average out the flickering from the bulb/electrical current.
  • Cool trick, didn't know about that. Tnx. Since i don't own Dedolights I can't check if they cause flicker or not, I wanted to hear experiences from the community whether Dedo lights are a good choice for stop motion or not.
  • Google Dedo Lights Animation... Lots of response from animation forums with people posting examples and opinions on all the models as well as test videos... Unless you've already figured it out.
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