Upcoming Live Webcourse: Toy Design & Sculpture for Action Figures & Collectibles

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Toy Design & Sculpture for Action Figures & Collectibles with Sandy Collora
NOVEMBER 10th & 17th, 1pm - 5pm PST


Learn to become a professional toymaker with toy and movie industry veteran, Sandy Collora (Predator 2, Men in Black, Batman: Dead End). From collaborating with toy companies and working with factories, to design and sculpture techniques for toys, Collora will get you on your way to becoming a working artist in the action figure and collectibles industries.

If you're a character creator seeking to diversify your career beyond TV, Movies and Theater, the toy industry might be the perfect (and most playful) fit.


  • Designing Action-Figures, Toys, & Collectibles
  • Client Notes & Changing Designs
  • Understanding "Playability"
  • Armature-Making & Joint Placement
  • The Toy Sculpture Process
  • Working with Factories - Domestic & Overseas
  • Getting Ready for Molding



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