My Dalek.

This is My Dalek made from MDf, Fibreglass, Plastics, etc...  He's minus a hemi, after a child decided to climb up him.


  • dude that awsome


  • Great work man. I love this.
  • Thanks Guys, Nice to hear from some other members of the school!
  • Hi Ben,

    Just found this post.  Really like the Dalek.  Not something that you could keep inside the house, due to it's size.  I like that Giraffe in the background too.  Is that a sculpture you did as well?

  • Nice work. Shame to have outside! Any electronics?
  • Looking good!  I like that you chose to go with the green color.

    I've always wanted to build a Dalek.  (and a Robbie... and a B9... and a Johnny 5...)
    Still working on my aluminum R2, which has been a lot of fun.

    How long have you been working on your Dalek?

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